There is (or threatens to be) a conflict

How can Merlijn help?

Tensions in the workplace? Communication breakdown? Imminent conflicts? Of course, you would prefer to avoid all of that. What you want to see is effectiveness and synergy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out, and sometimes support is needed. Choose a reliable and trusted advisor: with over 25 years of experience in conflict resolution, you’re in good hands with Merlijn.

How? Every conflict is unique, so the solution is tailor-made. Merlijn offers more than twenty methods for conflict resolution. A conflict analysis clarifies which method(s) are most suitable for your conflict.

Our professionals, spread across the Netherlands, are happy to guide you to the solution you desire.


Getting to know the conflict advisor

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What does Merlijn do?

Merlijn offers a comprehensive package for conflict resolution:

Merlijn has developed an expert system that, with the help of a selection of experienced and well-trained conflict professionals, assists you in finding the most effective approach for your issues.

Merlijn Advies Groep (MAG)

MAG is a network of experienced, qualified, and specialized conflict professionals with nationwide coverage in the Netherlands.
Merlijn Advies Groep offers a network of conflict professionals to both organizations (businesses and government) and individuals in the Netherlands, distinguished in the market by its high quality and ongoing professional development.

We provide an optimally functioning organization for conflict guidance in terms of logistics, appointment arrangements, and billing, ensuring quality and certainty for both us and the customer.

Willing to have an informal discussion? Please!

  1. Certified professionals in the Netherlands
    Merlijn has highly experienced and certified professionals for every phase of conflict, spread throughout the Netherlands. At Merlijn, you can choose from more than 20 different coaching methods. The conflict advisor is here to assist you with this.
  2. Merlijn remains involved throughout the entire process
    If you choose one of Merlijn’s methods and professionals, the conflict advisor remains your sparring partner throughout the entire process.
  3. The opportunity to attend training sessions
    Merlijn offers an extensive training program in conflict management for every employee on the shop floor


Around conflict resolution


About conflict management

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Basisopleiding conflictadviseur

conflicthantering, -analyse en -interventies
( 5 Beoordelingen )

De opleiding is bestemd voor ervaren professionals die een interne of externe rol hebben bij conflictkwesties in organisaties. Zij willen [...]

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Omgaan met agressie

Begrip & Begrenzen

In veel organisaties en beroepen worden medewerkers steeds vaker geconfronteerd met agressief gedrag. Dat kan gevolgen hebben voor de medewerker [...]

2 Dagen
+ accommodatie v.a.€95,-
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Resolving a conflict

The right method at the right stage

Merlijn, one of the pioneers of mediation in the Netherlands, has been the top brand in conflict resolution for 25 years. Merlijn stands for demonstrably high-quality results.

How do you resolve it?

Which resolution method for the type of conflict

A conflict advisor from Merlijn can assist you in determining which method is most suitable. The degree of escalation of the conflict and, most importantly, your own preferences play a significant role. Often, we end up with informal conversation facilitation or some form of mediation.

Most commonly used resolution methods


Mediation is een vorm van bemiddeling in conflicten. Een neutrale deskundige, de mediator, begeleidt de [...]

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Complaints committee or dispute resolution committee

You can utilize a complaints or dispute resolution committee when you want to handle complaints [...]

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Team conflict coaching

If your team is experiencing a conflict or you want to make your team more [...]

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Confidential Advisor (external)

A confidential advisor (CA) supports employees in case of unwanted behavior. Additionally, the CA contributes [...]

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Most frequently engaged professionals

Complaints officer

A complaints officer increases the trust of the employees. This officer reinforces independence and confidentiality [...]

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Employment Mediation

The employment mediator focuses on the workplace. Sometimes the relationship can be repaired, and sometimes [...]

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Inzetbare Vertrouwenspersoon

De vertrouwenspersoon (VP) helpt bij het de-escaleren van ongewenst gedrag, zodat problemen niet buiten proporties [...]

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Inzetbare Coaches

Een coach is een gelijkwaardige gesprekspartner die een tijdje met u meeloopt rond een vraagstuk [...]

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We have worked for these companies, among others


Bij Roompot zijn externe vertrouwenspersonen van Merlijn Groep actief. Over Roompot “Roompot is een leidende aanbieder van vakantieparken en actief in het [...]
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NS heeft in augustus 2015 een raamovereenkomst gesloten met MAG, waarin we first supplieer zijn als het gaat om (dreigende) conflicten met en tussen medewerkers [...]
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