Conflict resolution methods

A suitable method for every conflict

Merlijn Advies Groep (MAG) assists in preventing, guiding, and resolving conflicts. MAG has access to around twenty proven conflict resolution methods and a nationwide network of professionals. Not every conflict is the same, and not every conflict has the same impact on your employees. For effectively handling a conflict, for managing a conflict, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is at play.

We start with a conflict analysis to prevent solving a conflict with a method that is well-known but less suitable for your situation. Customized conflict management not only spares your employees but also saves costs.



Choosing a conflict guidance method: the lighter the better

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Managing or resolving a conflict

Every conflict is different For an analysis of your conflict, you can contact one of our conflict advisors Based on this analysis, the conflict advisor is happy to assist you further in finding a suitable solution method for the prevention, approach, or resolution of your conflict; it’s not always about conflict mediation In addition, they will assist you, if desired, in finding a suitable conflict professional for you. You have a wide range of choices We also often provide a shortlist so that you can choose a conflict partner, either together or alone, to shape the conflict management.

If you also need to spar and/or want non-binding advice, you can call upon one of the conflict advisors listed below They are happy to help you! They want nothing more than to resolve the conflict.

What can Merlijn do for your organization?

Merlijn collaborates with more than 200 independent professionals and can therefore provide support for most questions in the field of conflict management, conflict mediation, in short, the resolution of conflicts. Think of operational support, but we are also active in policy matters, and we can help you manage conflicts.

Below are some possibilities:

Conflict Advisor: A conflict advisor is a conflict professional who works with your organization to determine what could be the best solution route in a specific situation This prevents time, money, and energy from being spent on resolving a conflict in a way that is not aligned with the problem. The organization gains insight into the most effective way to resolve a conflict. The conflict advisor will assess with you whether the situation requires an ad hoc / one-time solution – for example, a conversation guide or a mediator – and in addition, what possible, more structural, or policy-related solutions would be useful, desirable, or even mandatory for your organization. For example, in the form of an external confidential advisor or a complaints officer.

Ad hoc / one-time solutions:

  • Conversation Facilitator: Engages in informal conversation in cases of non-escalated or manageable escalated conflicts.
  • Mediator: Engages with a proven set of formal agreements/rules of conduct in discussions in more or less escalated conflicts; it is a form of conflict mediation.

Structural solutions:

  • Confidential advisor: Point of contact for employees within the organization in case of experiencing internal tensions.
  • Complaints Officer: Point of contact for employees and/or customers with complaints about products etc.

Policy-based solutions:

  • Reporting procedure (with regard to possible breaches of integrity – mandatory for organizations > 50 employees)
  • Complaints procedure (for addressing possible unwanted behavior)
  • Complaints Committee (as part of the complaints procedure)

These policy-based solutions could also be developed at the sector level for the benefit of the members. With affiliated organizations, it can be assessed on an individual basis what they need to make their organization ‘conflict-ready’ and take conflict management seriously.


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