Confidential Advisor (external)

Psychosocial Workload (PSW)

An (external) confidential advisor contributes to the optimization of the working environment. The confidential advisor assists in de-escalating unwanted behavior, preventing problems from escalating beyond proportion.

Additionally, the confidential advisor supports employees in case of unwanted behavior.
The confidential advisor clearly indicates the potential consequences of specific behavior for the organization and contributes to the restoration of connections and a respectful interaction among individuals.


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What does the work of the confidential advisor (CA) entail?

An employee who has experienced unwanted behavior can turn to the confidential advisor (CA) for support, guidance, and information. Together, they will search for a solution. The responsibility for this solution lies with the employee.
The confidential advisor (CA) provides information to employees about desired and undesired behavior and the role of the CA in this context.
Additionally, the confidential advisor (CA) advises the management on desired behavior to implement measures aimed at improving the working environment.

Reasons to choose a confidential advisor

Every organization deals with unwanted behavior. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires organizations to provide a safe working environment for employees. From 2022 onwards, having a CA is likely to be legally mandatory.

The benefits of a CA are. The CA:

  • it helps in de-escalating unwanted behavior. This prevents problems from growing out of proportion;
  • ensures that interpersonal issues can be addressed quickly and effectively. This improves the work atmosphere and, consequently, productivity.
  • Is knowledgeable in the field of unwanted behavior and integrity and can provide advice to employees and management in that regard. indicates the potential consequences of specific behavior for the organization;
  • contributes to the restoration of connections and respectful interactions among individuals;
  • functions autonomously to ensure diligence and confidentiality are maintained;
  • Every organization deals with unwanted behavior. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires organizations to provide a safe working environment for employees.

The external confidential advisor from Merlijn:

  • is LVV certified, independent, and objective;
  • can communicate with employees in their own language, including English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, and Moroccan;
  • is a partner of Merlijn Advies Groep and is committed to our values, the Ethical Code and the Complaints Procedure;
  • is part of one of the methods for which we deploy 200 professionals: a comprehensive conflict expertise. Advantage: other agencies have one safety net, we have 24!
  • guides employees through the entire reporting process;
  • acts as an advisor for both employees and managers;
  • is easily accessible and approachable for every employee;
  • ensures the confidentiality of what is discussed;
  • is proactive: makes their presence known at all levels of the workplace.

Are you looking for an external confidential advisor? Or would you like to have a discussion about the possibilities of confidential advisors? Feel free to contact us without obligation.


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