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Conversation facilitation provides an informal form of support in a (impending) conflict where mutual discussion is no longer effective. If the involved parties find mediation or other (more) formal methods too heavy-handed, they can choose to have a genuine conversation with each other under the guidance of an independent third party. So that they engage in a dialogue instead of trying to win through monologues.

Sitting down face to face with a cup of coffee and… a conversation facilitator.


Choosing a conflict guidance method: the lighter the better

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What does conversation facilitation entail?

This ‘good conversation’ is then conducted under the guidance of a conflict professional. At Merlijn, an experienced conflict advisor is then deployed, who guides the conversation, keeps it on track, and also ensures that people do not say things that can be used against them later. Depending on the level of escalation of the conflict and the interests involved, confidentiality can be agreed upon. A good conversation facilitator is capable of effectively listening, summarizing, and asking follow-up questions as an independent third party, so that the participants in the conversation feel heard. In addition, the conversation facilitator will map out the framework and goals of the conversation and ensure that the conversation proceeds in a structured manner. Where necessary, the conversation facilitator will investigate the relationship of the participants to determine what is needed to (re)engage in effective discussion of the content.

Reasons to choose conversation facilitation in ‘the good conversation’

The choice of a conversation facilitator is often made in the case of a potential or incipient conflict.

The benefits of conversation facilitation:

  • it’s the lightest possible, very informal intervention.
  • nevertheless, a professional chairperson is present.
  • there is trust and calm during the conversation; the conversation proceeds in a structured manner, and emotions are translated into needs as much as possible.
  • the interests of the people are safeguarded, possibly by agreeing on confidentiality.
  • ineffective conversation is quickly recognized and addressed; participants are guided in making their communication effective again.
  • Further damage to the interpersonal relationships is prevented.

Is there a conflict looming, and are you looking for a facilitator for the conversation? Or do you want to have a discussion about the possibilities of guidance? Feel free to contact contact us without any obligation!


Regarding conversation facilitation


About conversation facilitation

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Conversation facilitator

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Facilitation of the conversation is helpful when a situation has the potential to become or is already turning into a conflict. You are professionally prepared for the conversation you need to have.


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