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The complaints officer contributes to an effective resolution of issues between the complainant and the accused. The officer contributes to effective complaint management and conflict resolution within the organization. This approach to handling complaints increases the trust of employees. Healthcare providers are required to comply with the WKKGZ law. A complaints officer is a part of this. A complaints officer can be appointed from within the organization (internal complaints officer) or from outside (external complaints officer).

Are you looking for an external complaints officer? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of complaint handling with our quality manager? Such as an external complaints officer who can work in accordance with the WKKGZ law? Feel free to contact us without obligation.


The external complaints officer from Merlijn:

  • is carefully selected based on experience, is independent and objective;
  • can communicate with the complainant(s) in their own language, including English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, and Moroccan;
  • is a partner of Merlijn Advies Groep and is committed to our values, the Ethical Code and the Complaints Procedure;
  • can also provide assistance with establishing a proper complaints procedure, and with the deployment of potential Confidential Advisor of mediators;
  • we train and advise works councils, oand a good collaboration with them is also important;
  • is part of one of the methods for which we deploy 200 professionals: a comprehensive conflict expertise. Advantage: other agencies have one safety net, we have 24!

Having a general complaints policy is a requirement. How formal or informal this policy is exactly depends on the size of your organization. A very small organization may opt for a less formal approach, while larger organizations benefit from a more formalized procedure. Do you not have a complaints procedure yet? Merlijn can also assist you with that, read more.


Choosing a conflict guidance method: the lighter the better

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If you would like to signup or if you have any additional questions, but you have trouble signing up on the website due to the Dutch checkout, please get in touch with us at or call us at +31 073 532 35 82.

What does the work of an external complaints officer entail?

An external complaints officer is deployed when there is actually a complaint. He/she tries to resolve the complaint as easily as possible through a process of listening to both sides. The complaints officer engages in a conversation with both the complainant and the accused and assesses from there what is needed to resolve the complaint to satisfaction. This often occurs through a mediation conversation, but it is not obligatory. If necessary, the complaints officer can also speak with other individuals.
The external complaints officer is impartial, neutral, and independent. He/she strives to serve both parties. All information is treated confidentially, and the complaints officer is bound by confidentiality. The goal is to resolve the complaint while taking into consideration both parties. The complaint can be unsettling for the employee who receives it, and the complaints officer takes that into consideration.
If a complaint cannot be resolved by the external complaints officer, the complainant can choose to file a formal complaint with the complaints committee, assuming it is mentioned in the complaints procedure.

Reasons to choose a complaints officer

An external complaints officer enhances the independence and confidentiality of complaint handling and is part of a complaints management system. The officer increases employees’ trust in an objective and professional handling of their complaints. An internal complaints officer can be perceived by the complainant as insufficiently neutral and independent.

The advantages of an external complaints officer are:

  • The neutral and independent position of the external complaints officer is perceived as more objective, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.
  • Complaints are addressed promptly. The procedure is transparent.
  • Both the complainant and the accused find a listening ear with the complaints officer.
  • It prevents further escalation and leads to an effective and transparent solution.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, they can still file a formal complaint with the complaints committee.

Are you looking for an external complaints officer? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of complaint handling with our quality manager? Such as an external complaints officer who can work in accordance with the WKKGZ law? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Tailor-made program

This way, we together create the perfect trajectory.


You contact the back office of Merlijn


We connect you with our quality manager for the complaints committee who listens to you, asks further questions, and, together with you, defines the (support) question


We provide a customized quote in which the agreements are clearly formulated: service on demand or based on a subscription.

Basic training in complaint management


A complaint, above all, is a valuable opportunity for improvement. By listening carefully and critically to what customers and employees have to say, and by handling complaints in the right way, you gain trust, and your organization earns a better reputation.

The solutions to both internal and external complaints can also be used to improve the quality of service as well as the company’s production processes.

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Our complaints officers

All professionals

Fixed or subscription

Are you looking for an external complaints committee or members to complement your internal complaints committee?

Through Merlijn, you have the opportunity to establish an external complaints committee. For larger companies, candidates for the complaints committee are proposed and, if they are a suitable fit, allocated to the company. This way, the company has permanent members for filling the external complaints committee.

For smaller companies that want to fulfill their duty of care to their employees, there is the option to have access to a complaints committee when it is needed. This option is available by becoming a member of the Merlijn complaints pool. Through a subscription, with a modest annual fee, access can be obtained to a complaints committee that is assembled when needed.

Complaints procedure

The foundation for effective complaint management

Merlijn Groep offers you various solutions for obtaining a suitable complaints procedure:

  • Universal complaints procedure
  • Your complaints procedure evaluated
  • A custom-made complaints procedure for your organization

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About complaints officer


For the complaints officer

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