Team conflict coaching

What can a Merlijn team conflict coach do for you in a conflict situation?

A team conflict coach guides team(s) in a conflict. The goal of the coaching is to develop conflict-proficient behavior, leading to improved teamwork within the team. The current conflict is often resolved, and team members learn to handle conflicts constructively in the future.

Conflict-competent means that conflict parties have enough space to consider the conflict from a different perspective, enabling progress. Additionally, this entails early recognition of conflicts, preventing future escalations, and continuously improving teamwork within the team.


Team conflict in context

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What does team conflict coaching entail?

Team conflict coaching promotes awareness of ineffective behavior and what is needed to achieve effective behavior. The understanding of one’s own contribution to the conflict, as well as the impact of (in)effective behavior on the team, becomes clear. The team conflict coach works with the team to explore what is needed to resolve the current conflict and to teach team members how to handle (potential) conflicts more constructively in the future. Team members learn to let go of, process, or reframe thoughts that are perceived as inhibiting. Additionally, they become aware of their own underlying desires, interests, needs, or wants, as well as those of others, and learn to take responsibility for their own actions. When movement occurs in these underlying layers, team members become conflict-competent and can approach similar new situations from this renewed perspective. As a result, teamwork within the team improves, as do the team’s performance. The team coach accomplishes this by conducting one or more discussions with all team members individually, collectively, or through the internet.

What questions can you bring to a conflict coach?

  • How can we effectively resolve the conflict together?
  • How can we learn to handle conflicts effectively?
  • How can we prevent the situation from escalating quickly?
  • How do we manage feelings and emotions within the team?
  • How do we ensure constructive dialogue with each other?

Reasons to opt for team conflict coaching

Team conflict coaching is an effective method when there are structural and/or frequent issues within teams.

The benefits of team conflict coaching are:

  • The current conflict within the team is resolved.
  • Team members gain a constructive perspective on themselves and learn to take responsibility for their own contribution to the conflict.
  • The inner conflicts of employees receive attention.
  • Team collaboration improves.

Do you have a conflict and are you looking for a team conflict coach? Or would you like to have a discussion about the possibilities of team conflict coaching? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Tailor-made program


In response to your inquiry, our Quality Manager of the Coaching Unit is researching the most suitable team conflict coach for you.


We will connect you with an experienced team conflict coach with whom you will further explore your coaching needs and begin the process.


We provide a customized quote, where depending on the preferences and coaching needs, coaching can take place online, at your home, at an employer's location, at the coach's practice space, or at one of our Castle locations.


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