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What can team coaching through Merlijn mean for your team?

Do you want to strengthen collaboration within your department or team? Has there been a significant change in the team or is one upcoming, and do you want to ensure that everyone is still on the same page? Is it challenging to find common ground in communication, or is there a conflict that is hindering collaboration?

There can be various reasons to work on team development. Having a group of knowledgeable and talented individuals together does not necessarily guarantee an effective and results-oriented team. In a team, different ideas, beliefs, and patterns come together, influencing the interaction among team members and the team’s output. It also impacts collaboration with other teams within an organization. Team coaching helps the team enhance its collective capacity and improve the team’s performance.


Learning more as a team about interaction, diversity, and dealing with difficult situations?

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What does team coaching mean to you?

Where people work together, they naturally talk to each other about the content of their work. But often, attention is not paid to how working together with each other is going. A Merlijn team coach will explore with the team in a few sessions where the team stands and what is happening within the team. Based on that analysis, a plan will be created to work on the team’s development. In team coaching, team members learn what happens in the interaction and how they can deal with it more effectively and efficiently. This includes considerations of interpersonal communication, the need for safety, support and space, limiting beliefs or patterns, a shared mission. Team coaching is aimed at providing team members with tools to take up their own development and ensure it for the future. Everyone is responsible for a collective and sustainable outcome!

What questions can you ask a team coach?

  • How can we improve our interactions within this team?
  • What is causing the team to not function smoothly?
  • How do we pinpoint where it really hurts?
  • How do we get everyone back on the same page?
  • How do we navigate the reorganization successfully together?

Reasons to choose a team coach

With a team coach, you provide your team with a fresh and sharp external perspective and the tools to work on the team’s development. The starting point in team coaching is that everyone is involved and has the opportunity to improve the team’s dynamics and performance. The team coach facilitates discussions about what’s going on and what hasn’t been said yet, with the goal of making team members more aware and enabling them to take a step together in team development. The team members also learn how to handle challenging situations and conflicts within the team.

The benefits of Team Coaching

  • Provides insight into the interaction and patterns within the team
  • Provides tools to communicate better with each other
  • Sharpens the team and empowers all team members
  • Teaches team members about the value of diversity and dealing with challenging situations
  • Clarifies and provides guidance on what happens during and after change
  • Teaches team members to reflect on the process, the way of working, and the outcomes

Would you like to have a discussion about the possibilities of team coaching? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Tailor-made program


In response to your inquiry, our Quality Manager of the Coaching Unit will investigate the most suitable team coach for you.


We will connect you with an experienced team coach with whom you will further explore your coaching question and start the process.


We provide a customized quote, where depending on the preferences and coaching needs, coaching can take place online, at your home, at an employer's location, at the coach's practice space, or at one of our Castle locations.

Deployment of team coaches

"Our team coaches Deployment of team coaches What can Merlijn do for your team coaching inquiries?

Depending on the nature of your issue, Merlijn will work with you to find a suitable coaching trajectory and an experienced coach to work with. Below, you'll find an overview of the various fields in which our team coaches operate.

  • Improving Collaboration

    Together, we can achieve more than alone. However, it doesn’t always happen smoothly. To ensure that a team can function better together than the sum of its parts, team coaching is a good solution. A team coach makes the team members aware of what is needed to improve collaboration. For example, to learn to address each other in a constructive manner. Or to better understand mutual diversity and its potential value in the team.

  • Teams in Transition

    When an organization undergoes a reorganization or merger, it significantly changes many aspects of the organization. Sometimes, this means that teams break apart or are merged with other teams or placed in a different organizational unit. Changes evoke various reactions in people, including uncertainty, fear, and resistance. As a result, dynamics within the team also change. Team coaching can provide solutions in those situations. Before, during, and after the change.

  • Team Coaching with Horses

    During team coaching with horses, the team enters the horse arena with a research question. The issue becomes visible and palpable through the reactions of the horse, which provide insight. A horse always works based on herd laws, focusing on the well-being of the individual, relationship, or group to restore balance within the inner herd. Horses respond to situations and themes where the pressure is highest; they make visible the patterns at play and what is needed in the here and now. The information from a ‘horse scan’ provides profound insight into what is truly happening. The effect of it can later be seen in a palpable shift in daily life and work. Equine coaching supports team development, leadership themes, collaboration and merger, persistent patterns or conflicts, and course adjustments.


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For Team Coaching

Basisopleiding tot gecertificeerd coach

Gecertificeerd StiR coach worden

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Cruciale gesprekken

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Basisopleiding tot conflictcoach

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6 Dagen
+ accommodatie v.a.€125,-
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