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What can a Merlijn conflict coach do for you in a conflict situation?

Most people do not like conflicts. We also haven’t always learned to handle them well. However, conflicts can be productive, and we can learn a lot from them. About ourselves, the other person, and the interaction.

Conflict coaching is guiding one or more conflict parties in a conflict. The goal of coaching is to develop conflict-proficient behavior. For this, insight into one’s own behavior is necessary. Being conflict-proficient means having the ability to view the conflict from a different perspective, which allows for movement in the conflict and the ability to recognize future conflicts (in a timely manner) to prevent them from escalating.


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What does conflict coaching involve?

The conflict coach guides the conflict parties in one or more conversations to raise awareness of ineffective behavior and what is needed to achieve effective behavior. The understanding of one’s own contribution to the conflict and underlying beliefs is enhanced. The conflict parties learn to let go of, process, or reframe thoughts that are experienced as inhibiting. Additionally, they become aware of their own underlying desires, interests, needs, or wants, as well as those of others, and learn to take responsibility for their own actions. When there is movement in these underlying layers, people become proficient in handling conflicts and can approach similar new situations from this renewed perspective.

What questions can you bring to a conflict coach?

  • How can we effectively resolve the conflict together?
  • How can I learn to handle conflict situations effectively?
  • What do I need to come out of a conflict situation successfully?
  • How can we prevent the situation from escalating quickly?
  • How do I manage my emotions in the conflict?

Reasons to choose a conflict coach

Conflict coaching is a good method when there are structural and/or frequent issues between conflict parties. To act proficiently in handling conflicts, self-reflection and taking personal responsibility are necessary.

The benefits of conflict coaching:

Conflict coaching contributes to:

  • The resolution of the current conflict
  • The constructive handling of conflicts in the future
  • The resolution of inner conflicts within conflict parties
  • A constructive view of yourself and taking personal responsibility.

Do you have a conflict and are you looking for a conflict coach? Or do you want to discuss the possibilities of conflict coaching? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Tailor-made program


In response to your question, our quality manager of the Coaching Unit is investigating the most suitable conflict coach for you.


We will connect you with an experienced conflict coach with whom you will further explore your coaching needs and initiate the coaching process.


We provide a customized quote, where depending on the preferences and coaching needs, coaching can take place online, at your home, at an employer's location, at the coach's practice space, or at one of our Castle locations.

Deployment of conflict coaches

What can Merlijn do for your conflict coaching inquiry?

Depending on the nature of your issue, Merlijn will work with you to find a suitable coaching trajectory and an experienced coach to work with. Below you will find an overview of the various fields in which our conflict coaches operate.

  • During conflict

    Do you currently have a conflict? Conflict coaching is a good method when you are still in the situation of the conflict with your conflict partner and you want to come out of it well for now and in the future. You both learn to become proficient in handling conflicts. Although the resolution of the current conflict is not the central focus of conflict coaching, the method contributes to the resolution.

  • After conflict

    Have you had a conflict that still gnaws at you? A conflict can consume energy and also provide energy. What matters is how you handle a conflict. You can focus on the time, energy, and negative feelings it has cost. You can also choose to learn from the conflict and the way it unfolded A Merlijn conflict coach can work with you, even after a conflict, on recovery and conflict proficiency.

  • Team conflict coaching

    A team conflict coach guides team(s) in a conflict. The goal of the coaching is to develop conflict-proficient behavior, leading to improved teamwork within the team. The current conflict is often resolved, and team members learn to handle conflicts constructively in the future. The team can thus recognize conflicts early, preventing the escalation of conflicts in the future, and improving teamwork within the team on a lasting basis.


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