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Exit mediation is the term we use to describe mediation in which it is already clear or becomes clear during the mediation process that a collaboration is being terminated, typically involving employment relationships. Mediation is also valuable in such situations because it is worthwhile to part ways amicably, for the parties involved, as well as for the colleagues who remain. Carefulness is crucial when it comes to dealing with people.

During exit mediation, parties negotiate the terms of the departure. Taking a careful farewell from each other is wise. This way, there won’t be any friction afterward.


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What does exit mediation entail?

Exit mediation is a way to terminate the conflict and the relationship amicably through mutual agreement. During this mediation, both parties are given the opportunity to express what’s on their minds. Parting ways often involves emotions, and those emotions are allowed to be present. Under the mediator’s guidance, individuals themselves make agreements on how and under what conditions they will part ways. The mediator ensures that the conditions of the agreements and the agreements themselves meet at least the legal requirements.

Reasons to choose exit mediation

  • Guidance from a mediator ensures a smooth conversation and facilitates the discussion.
  • Parties can express what’s on their minds. After all, the mediation is confidential.
  • Parties negotiate the agreements themselves. The agreements are not imposed.
  • The investment is clear and manageable. Exit mediations often take no more than one or two sessions. Including administrative costs, this typically amounts to no more than 5 or 6 hours.

Different types of mediations

  • Pre-mediation / Facilitated Discussion. A pre-mediator/facilitator guides a conversation between conflicting parties without the formal guidelines that come with a mediation process.
  • Employment Mediation. An employment mediator primarily focuses on conflicts in the workplace.
  • Exit mediation. An exit mediator ensures that the conflict and the relationship are terminated amicably through mutual agreement.
  • Policy Mediation. A policy mediator deals with complex societal conflicts and policy issues that have become deadlocked.
  • Business Mediation. A business mediator understands the culture and processes within the companies they are involved with.
  • Family Mediation. A family mediator focuses on disrupted family relationships. This includes inheritance disputes, dealing with newly formed family dynamics, and of course, divorces.
  • Employee Representation Mediation / OR Mediation. An employee representation mediator handles conflicts between management and the Works Council (OR) or between different employee representation bodies.
  • Government Mediation. A government mediator is well-versed in government operations, administrative law, and serves as a bridge and translator of interests.
  • Pension Mediation. A pension mediator is familiar with the intricate and complex world of pensions. They often deal with parties who may not know each other.
  • Team Mediation. EA team mediator focuses on the interaction patterns within a team.
  • Online mediation. Online mediation takes place over the internet and follows the mediation process like any other.

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