Complaints Procedure

The foundation for effective complaint management

As an employer, you are obligated to create a safe working environment and formulate policies regarding Psychosocial Occupational Burden (PSA). A complaints regulation for undesirable behavior can assist in this regard.

A complaints regulation is a document that describes how a complaint will be handled and outlines the procedure to be followed. If you are a healthcare provider, you fall under the QCDAH (Quality, Complaints, and Disputes Act in Healthcare) and a complaints regulation is mandatory. The appointment of a complaints officer can also be a valuable step in the complaints process.

Merlijn Groep offers you various solutions for obtaining a suitable complaints procedure:

  • Universal complaints procedure
  • Your complaints procedure evaluated
  • A customized complaints procedure tailored to your organization

External complaints officer - duties, objectives, and position

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Universal complaints procedure

For SMEs, cost-effective

For companies and organizations that are not very large but recognize the importance of a proper complaints procedure. At Merlijn, you can easily and quickly purchase a complaints regulation that is generally sufficient to ensure a proper complaints procedure. This one is ready-made, and if desired, modifications can be discussed. This way, you are promptly and efficiently provided with a robust complaints regulation.

Your complaints procedure evaluated

You are wondering whether your existing regulation meets the requirements

If you already have a complaints regulation in place for several years and are wondering whether it still complies with current standards. You would like to have the regulation reviewed and modified if necessary. So that you know your complaints regulation is in order, in case a report of undesirable behavior arises, which is a reassuring thought.

Customized Complaints Procedure

A regulation tailored to your organization

If your company is larger and requires a customized regulation? Or does your company have multiple divisions, and perhaps more specific complaints regulations are needed? In consultation with you or employees from your organization, a customized complaints regulation will be created. Merlijn Groep has the knowledge and experience in-house!

Why choose Merlijn?

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  • Merlijn is a company that has been involved in all aspects of conflict management and conflict mediation since 1993. Through this, Merlijn has accumulated extensive experience that we can put to use for you.
  • Over 200 affiliated professionals with expertise in various fields.
  • Everything under one roof: confidential counselors, complaints regulations, access to complaints committees
  • Short and direct communication lines with one dedicated point of contact
  • A back office for all your inquiries

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of such a complaints regulation? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Tailor-made program

This way, we can work together to create a complaints regulation that suits your needs


Following your inquiry, we will reach out to assess your needs


Based on your requirements, a quotation will be provided


Upon approval, the complaints regulation will be implemented within a short timeframe!


for your organization

What are the options, and what is the difference?

  • Complaints Management

    The foundation of a safe working environment in the realm of undesirable behavior is a well-integrated complaints management. Effective complaints management can help ensure that an employee feels heard and understood, and that reports and complaints are promptly recognized and addressed. This creates a sense of tranquility in your company.

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  • Confidential advisor

    A company should have access to a confidential advisor, whose contact information is known to the employees. A report of undesirable behavior can be made in confidentiality to this confidential advisor. The confidential advisor will assist the reporter and assess how help or support can be provided. Given the sensitivity of such reports, it is advisable to have an external confidential advisor. Want to know more about confidential advisors?

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  • Complaints Procedure

    A complaints regulation is the foundation and guide for handling complaints. This complaints regulation outlines the procedure to be followed. It also includes the contact information of the confidential advisor and the details on where a formal complaint can be filed. Want to learn more about the complaints regulation?

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  • Complaints Committee

    A complaints committee consists of a minimum of 3 members and can be (partially) internal or external. An external complaints committee is preferred to avoid the appearance of bias or conflicts of interest. The complaints committee assesses the received complaint for admissibility. If the complaint is admissible, a comprehensive assessment is conducted through a hearing process involving all parties. A hearing session is part of the procedure. The complaints committee provides a recommendation to the management. Want to learn more about an external complaints committee?

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What topics?

In the complaints regulation for undesirable behavior, various topics should be described, such as:

How a complaint can be filed and to whom
How the complaint is handled
The timeframe within which the complaint should be processed. This provides clarity for both the complainant and the accused.

Basic training in complaint management


A complaint, above all, is a valuable opportunity for improvement. By listening carefully and critically to what customers and employees have to say, and by handling complaints in the right way, you gain trust and your organization earns a better reputation.

The solutions to both internal and external complaints can also be used to improve the quality of service as well as the company’s production processes.

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Drafting a complaints regulation

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