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Shuttle mediation is a suitable method for conflict parties who prefer to resolve their current issues together through negotiation but do not (yet) want to see each other. In the mediation process, the mediator shuttles between the conflict parties to arrive at a solution.

A shuttle mediator can also engage in e-mediation in a specially designed and secure environment if the distances are significant or for other reasons. If the relationship is still important, a plenary session can be convened after finding the solution.


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What does shuttle mediation entail?

The mediator takes control in a series of discussions, with the individual conflict parties. He asks the conflict parties to identify their issues and goals and to formulate a step toward a joint solution.

The mediator shuttles between the conflict parties until an acceptable outcome is reached for all parties. The mediator will typically work with the conflict parties to establish (limited) agreements that outline everyone’s roles, rights, responsibilities, and the rules governing this mediation. The role of the shuttle mediator, including its content, can be broadly defined.

If the distance between the conflict parties is significant, Merlijn offers the option of e-mediation in a secure environment.

Reasons to choose shuttle mediation

When contact between conflict parties is not an option or not desired, but there still needs to be a substantive solution to a problem, shuttle mediation is an option. If the relationship is still important, a plenary session can be convened after finding a solution.

The advantages of shuttle mediation:

  • Conflict parties can calmly, together with the mediator, explore their needs and interests. Because there is no direct contact with the conflict partner, the process is much less emotionally charged, stressful, and creativity-inhibiting. In a calm environment, forward-thinking can be done to consider directions and solutions.
  • This method allows for working (at a significant) distance from each other. The only one traveling is the mediator (and even that may not be necessary if the mediator uses e-mediation, communication within a specially designed and secure digital environment).

Do you have a conflict and are you looking for a shuttle mediator? Or do you want to discuss the possibilities of shuttle mediation? Feel free to contact us without obligation.


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