Organizational Ombudsman

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The organizational ombudsman handles complaints, which often result in a lot of negative energy and escalating conflicts. In addition, the ombudsman investigates whether a complainant has been treated correctly and issues a judgment on this matter.

The ombudsman can use his authority to ensure that his judgment has consequences. This is necessary because the judgment is not binding in most cases.


Organizational Ombudsman, Public and Private

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What does the work of the organizational ombudsman entail?

The ombudsman:

  • notifies the complainant when taking the complaint into consideration.
  • chooses from various methods of approach (intervention, mediation, process facilitation).
  • conducts an investigation.
  • if there is an overriding concern beyond individual interests, he prepares a report with recommendations to prevent similar complaints in the future.

Reasons to choose an organizational ombudsman

It is a second-line institution and is deployed when the complainant and the organization cannot resolve the issue.

The benefits are:

  • there are no costs for the complainant, and in urgent cases, there are options for quick interventions
  • accessible. No lawyers or legal experts are involved.
  • for everyone. Often, there is the option to explain the complaint orally rather than in writing.
  • with a fair hearing of both sides. Complainants can respond to each other’s positions within reasonable timeframes.

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