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What can a Merlijn coach do for questions related to your career?

Your career lasts a lifetime. Early on, you made choices for a study or education. After several years of working, you often encounter decision points again. Is the direction you’ve taken still fitting? Where would you like to further develop yourself?

Sometimes the choice isn’t even yours. Or are you in a new position that requires a different level of commitment than you had initially thought? There are various points in your career where it’s beneficial to brainstorm with an experienced coach. Merlijn provides the suitable coach for all those moments in your career.


Weer met passie en vertrouwen op zoek naar nieuwe baan!

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What does career coaching entail?

Career coaching involves personal guidance in various aspects of one’s career, with the aim that the coachee can optimally and satisfactorily utilize their qualities and capabilities in a position where they are most effective. Depending on the question regarding your career, one of our career coaches will guide you in a series of 1.5-hour sessions to achieve the desired outcome. If your employer is supporting the coaching process, there will be alignment at the beginning and end of the coaching process between a representative of the employer, yourself, and the coach. Among types of career coaching, you can read about what career coaching can further involve.

What questions can you ask a career coach?

  • Where should I start if I’m looking for a new job?
  • “How do I position myself in my new role?
  • How do I gain more control in my work?
  • What could be the next step in my career?
  • How do I start my own business?

Reasons to choose a career coach

Work is an important part of our lives. If something is not going well at work or if we have no job anymore, it can have a significant impact on us. This sometimes also means that we no longer see all the options ourselves or, out of fear and time pressure, no longer do what is needed at that moment or what suits us best. An experienced coach who can join you for a while and brainstorm with you about the questions that concern you is certainly a solution. A career coach can also use various tools to explore what suits you best.

What are some of the benefits of career coaching?

  • Insight into your strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and drive
  • Knowing what gives you energy and where your boundaries lie
  • Knowing where you perform at your best
  • Strategies to (further) develop yourself at work
  • Feedback and tips for an appealing CV and an inviting cover letter
  • Effective preparation for job interviews and networking conversations
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging situations at work

Do you want to discuss the possibilities of career coaching? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Tailor-made program


In response to your inquiry, our quality managers from the Coaching Unit will investigate the most suitable career coach for you.


We will connect you with an experienced career coach with whom you will further explore your coaching needs and begin the program.


We provide a customized quote, where depending on the preferences and coaching needs, coaching can take place online, at your home, at an employer's location, at the coach's practice space, or at one of our Castle locations.

Commitment of career coaches

What can Merlijn do for your career coaching query?

Depending on the nature of your issue, Merlijn will work with you to find a suitable coaching trajectory and an experienced coach to work with. Below is an overview of the various fields in which our career coaches are active.

  • New step in your career

    Is it time for a new step in your career? By choice or forced by circumstances? With one of our career coaches, you’ll explore what suits you best now. You discover what you want and can do, and in which environment you thrive the most. Together with the coach, you’ll explore how to leverage and strengthen your network, and where to search for desired positions. You will receive feedback on and tips for your CV, and you can prepare for exploratory and job interviews.

  • Opportunities for the employer in cases of forced mobility or outplacement

    Are you an employer, and is your staff compelled to explore other jobs due to a reorganization? Discuss with our Unit Coaching coordinator what the possibilities are for deploying one or more Merlijn career coaches in your organization. In addition to individual coaching, Merlijn also offers in-company career orientation workshops and job interview training.

  • Guidance in your current or new role

    Are you in a new job that demands a different level of commitment than you had experienced before? Or are you encountering certain personal limitations in your current role? In such cases, a coaching program can provide a solution. Together with the coach, you’ll explore your background, what you encounter in the here-and-now situation, and where you want to go. With a new perspective, an expanded view, and tools for different behavior, you can then return to work with enthusiasm and energy, effectively.

  • CareerPlus for professionals with a partner

    Do you have heavy responsibilities in your work and want to reflect on your future? The choice you are facing can involve a profound change for you and your immediate environment. Merlijn offers a unique CareerPlus program for this situation, which you go through together with your partner. The methodology increases the likelihood of support and insight in realizing both of your personal development plans. It’s not relationship therapy, but it does have an impact on your relationship. Together, you are strong for your future. Interested? Click here for the brochure or read one of the blogs.


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