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Litigation is a legal course of action. This means that a conflict is brought before a judicial authority, often with the assistance of specialized legal advisors, such as an attorney. The latter represents the involved client and assesses the conflict from a legal perspective. Subsequently, he advises the client on the strengths and weaknesses of the position in the conflict.

You can also be assisted by a legal aid lawyer, a specialized jurist in certain matters, or a non-lawyer specialized in labor law.


Choosing a conflict guidance method: the lighter the better

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What does litigation entail?

An attorney represents one of the involved parties in the conflict (his client). Initially, he views the conflict through a legal lens and advises his client on the legal strength (and weakness) of the positions in the conflict. The lawyer’s approach is to try to resolve the case with the other party through negotiation and collaboration with his client.

Only if that fails, he legally presents the conflict to the competent judicial authority for a binding decision. This process is subject to deadlines defined by law.

Reasons to choose litigation

Choosing litigation occurs when conflict parties seek a legal solution. This can be the case in complex issues with significant stakes or when you have a strong legal position. Another reason to litigate is when an authoritative judicial ruling is needed as a clear precedent in similar cases. Choosing litigation is when personal contact with the other party is not desired or possible. Of als iemand niet meer in staat is om de regie van het proces te voeren.

The advantages of litigation are:

  • No direct contact with the other party is required.
  • There will definitely be a solution to the conflict.
  • A professional represents the interests of the client.

Do you have a conflict and do you want to litigate? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of litigation? Feel free to contact us without any obligation.


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