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Negotiation advice is aimed at managing differences between conflict parties in situations of mutual interdependence. The goal is to achieve a good result and to resolve any disagreements between the parties involved. Negotiation advice focuses on increasing the negotiation capability of the client.

The advisor remains invisible. This optimizes the outcome at the negotiation table, and the credits for the negotiation go to the client.


Choosing a conflict guidance method: the lighter the better

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What does negotiation advice entail?

Conflicts always affect the negotiating ability of the parties involved, to a greater or lesser extent. The role of the negotiation advisor is to enhance the negotiation capability of one of the conflict parties (their client) and thereby positively influence the negotiation outcomes for that client.
The advisor acts on behalf of their client without being physically present.

The negotiation advisor helps their client to manage their emotions, creating space for different perspectives. In addition, the advisor ensures that the client remains sharply focused on the actual interests that need to be served at the negotiation table.

Reasons to choose negotiation advice

Conflicts affect the negotiating ability of the conflict parties, to a greater or lesser extent. During a conflict, it can be useful to have a neutral third party to consult with.

The benefits of Negotiation Advice are:

  • The preparatory discussions ensure that the client’s subject matter expertise is optimized, resulting in better outcomes at the negotiation table.
  • Because the negotiation advisor is invisible, the credit for the demonstrated negotiation skills can be attributed to the client themselves rather than their advisor. This can be important in business negotiations where ‘face’ or image as a strong individual plays a role.
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