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In dealmaking, a dealmaker, a senior negotiator, conducts negotiations on behalf of one, both, or all conflict parties. Dealmaking can be of great value if you want to resolve your issues through negotiation but, for whatever reason, lack sufficient confidence in your negotiation abilities. For example, in cases of significant stakes or an important relationship.

The dealmaker maintains contact with you (their client or clients) during the negotiations. Dealmakers do not come straight out of education or training. They are seasoned and experienced in employing various conflict resolution methods and mediation styles.


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What does dealmaking involve?

A dealmaker negotiates on your behalf. The dealmaker is a senior negotiator capable of adding enough weight to swiftly broker a complex, yet actionable, deal. During the negotiations, he or she maintains contact with you.

A dealmaker aims for a ‘SMART’ (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, and Time-bound) agreement that both clients can move forward with.

Reasons to choose dealmaking

You are looking for a substantive solution to a complex problem with significant stakes or when there is significant pressure to achieve a swift resolution. You want to resolve the issue through negotiation, but you or one of the conflicting parties lacks confidence in their own negotiation skills to do it themselves. Is the relationship with the partner too important to risk negotiation?
In these cases, dealmaking is a good option.

The advantages of dealmaking:

  • Dealmaking is flexible, allowing for customization.
  • Conflict parties do not need to have direct contact with each other. The dealmaker can utilize various (online) tools to have alternating contact with conflict parties and make progress.
  • A dealmaker can be highly effective in situations involving multiple conflict parties and complex interests.

Do you have a conflict and are you looking for a dealmaker? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of dealmaking? Feel free to contact us without obligation.


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