BAME (Binding Advice followed by Mediation)

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The term BAME is a combination of Binding Advice and Mediation. The mediator and the binding arbitrator are two different individuals. You want to reach an agreement together but also have the certainty of a solution. If you can’t reach an agreement during mediation, you can fall back on (parts of) the binding advice.

For the binding advice, the advisor must have substantive, technical knowledge, and a certain level of legal knowledge.
This advice is not a verdict, and its enforcement cannot be compelled without judicial intervention. This is not a formality like in arbitration.


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What does BAME mean?

The order in BAME is fixed. First binding advice and then mediation.

The binding advice is prepared prior to the mediation. Prior to this, conflicting parties provide all necessary information to the binding arbitrator.
The binding arbitrator ensures there is sufficient opportunity for hearing and counterhearing. This can be a joint meeting where all conflicting parties are present, but it is also possible in separate meetings.
Subsequently, the binding arbitrator puts the advice in writing and informs the conflicting parties about it.

Afterward, the mediation begins. The binding advice increases the pressure on partners to reach an agreement.

Reasons to choose BAME

BAME is suitable when conflicting parties want to retain control over the negotiation process but also seek the certainty of a resolution. The BAME contract means that if mediation fails, or partially fails, parties can resort to the binding advice.

The advantages of BAME:

  • Partners reach a solution within a reasonable timeframe.
  • The conflicting parties agree on the location.
  • Confidentiality can be agreed upon, whereas a judicial procedure always has a public character.

Do you have a conflict and are you interested in BAME? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of this method of resolution? Feel free to contact us without obligation.


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