Special events

An enchanting addition to an unforgettable training

If you want to make a great training for the group truly unforgettable, you can add an enchanting session! Think about brewing a magic potion together, working with birds of prey, learning to fence or archery, getting a basic lesson in magic tricks and illusions, and creating a knightly shield together. Or get active with Medieval dances! The offering is even larger! We also use these ‘special events’ for team building and team outings. You can find more information about this on our website. For prices and availability, please contact our back office.

Informatie opvragen
  • Magic tricks and illusions

    We all know the program ‘Mind F*ck’ by Victor Mids, from magic tricks to subtly executed illusions that mislead or entice the viewer into believing something that isn’t there. This was also the playground of Merlijn. A fantastic addition to a training. Our participants have already enjoyed a lot of fun here.

  • Medieval campfire

    We’re really going to experience the atmosphere of the castle. After a tour of the historic structure, we gather around a campfire and experience, from our own imagination, the magic of an evening in a knightly atmosphere.

  • Archery

    Archery is an quintessentially knightly skill, which could also be practiced by foot soldiers, soldiers, and freedom fighters. Robin Hood excelled in it and was able to help his fellow countrymen as a result. Wilhelm Tell’s son was also glad that his father was skilled with the bow and arrow. We’ll see who emerges as the new Robin Hood.

  • Medieval dance

    Als er iets is wat verbindt, is het wel de dans. Beautiful dances from the Middle Ages are known; it’s wonderful to perform them. Collaboration with your team and shared discipline lead to an experience that you won’t forget and that will have a lasting positive effect on the team.

  • Predicting the future

    Predicting the future was truly part of Merlijn’s character. There are still many practices, methods, and techniques to predict the future. The level of realism in them is not always clear. Nevertheless, it is inspiring to formulate thoughts and assumptions together about the future.

  • Knightly shield

    For a medieval knight, a shield was a way to convey what he stood for. Nowadays, as individuals, companies, or organizations, we want to convey a vision so that the environment and potential clients know what to expect from us. We can first describe the shield and, if the opportunity arises, also give it a concrete form and paint it.

  • Communication with horses

    Communication is our profession. Can we learn from communicating with large animals like horses? The possibility exists; those who have not experienced this before will be amazed.

  • Poems

    A bard performs, and inspired by that, we create our own poem. Poems were meant to be sung, so it becomes our own song in which our ‘knightly’ skills are described and then sung.

  • Acting

    The medieval farce had a fixed pattern, in which the man was usually the fool who wants to be naughty once; he gets a rude awakening, and a beating from his wife awaits him. We create such a farce ourselves and perform it. You will experience how powerful playing together in a play can be for team building.

  • Knight's tournament

    We study and discuss the basic rules of a knight’s tournament with jousting on horseback. Do we recognize the similarities with the conflicts we encounter in our practice?

  • The meal

    The communal meal was a true event in knightly circles. Perhaps we can prepare a meal together with the group in a specially equipped facility. Who knows, a meal with medieval characteristics, but it can also be contemporary or futuristic.

  • The brewery

    Due to the poor quality of drinking water in the Middle Ages, beer was consumed instead of water. Perhaps we can visit a traditional brewery that still uses and follows old procedures.

  • Birds of Prey

    In the context of our communication skills, it might be even more exciting to see if it works not only with horses but also with birds of prey, which have been assisting us in hunting since time immemorial.

  • Magic potion

    A magic potion is part of a wizard like his pointed hat and his magic wand. With this opportunity, we envision an experimental session in which delicious yet harmless drinks will be mixed.

  • Fencing

    In the Middle Ages, battles were mainly fought with large ‘two-handed swords’; later, lighter weapons became popular, leading to the art of fencing with rapiers, sabers, and epees. Fencing was the choice of the nobility to settle personal conflicts in otherwise dangerous duels. Getting a taste of that could be an interesting option, but it should be done in a fencing school under expert guidance and in fencing gear with a mask so that 1-1-2 calls are not necessary.

  • Photography

    An exciting challenge to explore the castle while also finding the perfect shot, photogenic, relevant, randomly fun, it doesn’t matter what the motive is, but look with different eyes, with a mobile phone or a real camera, as we know it from the popular TV show: ‘The Perfect Picture’.

  • Painting

    As Merlijn, we have gained a lot of experience in creating paintings, even by those who think they absolutely can’t; you will be amazed by your own capabilities. For groups who want to, it’s an experience to create a painting that complements the castle experience, whether abstract or figurative, spooky and ominous or romantic.

  • Klootschieten

    Klootschieten is indeed an old outdoor game, a precursor to petanque or boules. It’s a leisurely, relaxing, and yet competitive activity enjoyed in the outdoors.

  • The World of Difference

    Go on a journey together with your team into the World of Differences and explore the landscapes of your behavior. With MapsTell, you literally map out the behavior and communication style of yourself and your colleagues.
    A fun method to get to know each other well and better understand differences!